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Who we are

Delivering the better way for you to revise A-levels

We are a group of 8 esteem students from TH School in Vietnam, who have achieved all A and A* in our A-levels exams. With the wish of delivering a better way for A-levels students to revise efficiently, we have founded the A* Academy, in which we provides lecture videos, summary notes and revision questions through a number of IOS and Android apps. The best part? They are all free, and will forever be!


See what we've got to offer.

Lecture videos

We provide a number of lecture videos, with the goal of making revision quick and time-saving for students. The videos aren't simply a follow of the textbook, but we include plenty of awesome exam tricks, detail explanations, and useful interpretations of the topic.

Revision Questions

Revision is more than just the knowledge. Especially for A-Level, exam techniques play a crucial role. We include over 150 revising questions, with detailed explanations, to help you best prepare for your examination. 

Revision notes

Revising can be tough without the use of notes. We provide comprehensive notes that can aid you in revising quickly and effortlessly. Notes also contain cool tricks that lessons in class might never go through.

Contact us

Tell us if you have any queries or complaints. We will try our best to solve it. 

4 - 6 Chua Boc, Hanoi, Vietnam


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